Lemontree Studio

Lemontree Calligraphy & Illustration is the calligraphy and watercolour studio of Melbourne-based artist Betsy Weir. She designs custom watercolour crests, illustrated watercolour maps and bespoke invitations, specialising in beautifully hand-lettered and illustrated paper goods for stylish weddings, events and spaces.

Everything Betsy creates is customised to fit your aesthetic, and the process is tailored to meet your vision. All Lemontree designs begin by hand using traditional calligraphic methods along with watercolour illustrations that are later digitised and assembled for print on a selection of gorgeous papers.

Meet Betsy

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Welcome! And thank you so very much for being here. Lemontree Calligraphy and Illustration is my way of leaving a mark on the world, making my home away from home feel a bit more like mine, and putting a little piece of myself out there. I believe that there is something very personal in writing by hand. I'm drawn to work that reveals the person behind the pen, and the artist behind the brush. This adventure that is Lemontree Calligraphy is the artist inside that I never had the courage to reveal. It's the path I was never courageous enough to take. But despite those fears and vulnerabilities, this journey has allowed me to expand upon the artistic aspect and share not only my creations, but my passions. Creating beautiful art and collaborating with wonderful people has taken Lemontree Calligraphy to places that I never imagined it would go.

I love creative challenges, new ideas, color, envelopes with deep pointed flaps and have an unrelenting infatuation with flowers. I'm originally from the United States, where many of my years were spent working toward and then realizing a professional ballet career. I'm now living in Melbourne, Australia, carving out my niche in watercolour, calligraphy and design. Lemontree Calligraphy and Illustration fuels my desire to get back to my creative side, to find my own piece, and to bring everything together with a finely sharpened nib. Thank you for being here, and thank you for helping me along on this journey.