Thank you for your interest in Betsy's work, and welcome! This space will provide some insight into process, pricing and timing for a variety of custom projects. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our lead designer, Betsy, is available to answer any questions with just a click...

calligraphy (thank you page)-01

Calligraphy pic 1000 x 667


From the start date of your project:

100 outer envelopes: 2 weeks
100 place cards: 5 business days

Timing is confirmed more specifically when booking.
We do offer rush service for an additional fee. Please inquire for details.


Paper, card and envelopes are available and are cut and scored to order. Custom colours are also available and sourced upon request.


The following prices are general and subject to change based on your specific requirements (i.e. calligraphy style, address layout, ink choice, etc.)

Envelope Addressing- calligraphy ONLY:

$4.50 per outer envelope (domestic address)
$5.00 per outer envelope (international address)
$3.00 per inner envelope or return address on flap
$2.50 per envelope for name only, no address

Place Cards- calligraphy PLUS CARD:

First names only:
$2.80 each (flat card)
$3.00 each (tent style card)

First and surnames:
$3.30 each (flat card)
$3.50 each (tent style card)

Day-Of Stationery- calligraphy PLUS CARD:

$20 each for table numbers, flat A6 (Superfine Eggshell paper or equivalent)
Hand written menus or designed/printed menus and programs: please inquire for a detailed quote.
Seating Charts: pricing varies based on number of guests, size and material

Poems, Letters, Vows, Certificates, etc:


Name Personalisation- calligraphy ONLY:

$2.50 each for first name only
$3.00 each for first and surnames

Digital Calligraphy Artwork:

Couple’s names: starting at $100 for a high resolution vector file
Other wording: please inquire

heraldry (thank you page)-03

Noelle DiGioia Crest 1000 x 1000


Crests are all original artwork, painted to order. We find this process is much more fun, fulfilling and productive when we include our clients in each step. We ask that you send through some inspiration that indicate what elements you would like included in the design, your style, aesthetic and colour palette.

Once your design is finalised, your crest artwork is then prepared for print and/or web, and final files are delivered in high resolution formats suitable for a variety of uses.


Crests usually take 3 weeks to complete from start to finish.


The final digital files are delivered in high resolution and several formats so you can use the artwork for just about anything you can dream up. We are also able to deliver the artwork directly to your stationery designer in a format that meets their requirements.

If you are interested in an original painting, prices are available upon request and are dependent on size.


Crest pricing starts at $800 USD. This cost is for the digital artwork. If you would like both the digital version and an original painting, please inquire about pricing.

We require a nonrefundable 50% deposit to book a space on our schedule for your project. No other fees are due until your artwork is complete, just prior to final delivery.

Watercolour Maps

Watercolour maps are the perfect touch for destination weddings. They create a one-of-a-kind keepsake, and commemorate the family stories, special memories and unforgettable events that unfold during your journey. Every piece is custom designed and hand painted to highlight all the important points of interest that are relevant to your special event, as well as express the character, culture and landscape.


Maps are one of the more challenging types of projects in our repertoire. They are highly customised, quite researched pieces that are designed and hand painted from scratch. There is no limit (except space!) to what can be included in your map. We ask for the main points of interest that you want cited, as well as any details you want to see illustrated. We research the area and come up with other ideas that will capture the location.

Each point of the map is illustrated separately, then assembled digitally. This allows us to change the layout, play with the sizing, etc once the map is in digital form. You receive digital files of your map in any high resolution formats you require.


Maps take approximately 4 weeks from start of the design process to completion and delivery of final files.


Pricing for one of these custom pieces starts at $900 USD/$1150 AUD.

Story of Us

Michelle and David Map 1000 x 667


'The Story of Us' pieces are an illustrated glimpse into your time together, experiences and adventures as a couple. This idea all started with inquiries from clients who wanted something unique and personal, and has morphed into a beautiful new type of commission work. They are highly customised and therefore, require lots of attention to detail and plenty of conversation between myself and you/your partner to decide what to include.

The design can take on any shape, but knowing the parameters for what you hope to do with the artwork will help me be sure it’s the right shape and size for your needs. I ask for lots of inspiration photos, either thought a pinterest board you create for the project or just sent through email. These can be of objects, places, photos of vacations you’ve taken together, etc. Anything that you would like included in the map, or that demonstrate colour palette or style.

I typically begin with a sketch of the entire piece, which we review and rework until the layout and included elements are perfect. We would discuss color scheme in quite some detail, the painting would be done, and you would receive your first digital proof in color (so exciting!). We can make changes to the layout and tweak colors if necessary. Final files are provided in high resolution in a variety of formats to suit your needs. I can also arrange to have prints of the artwork made for you, or whatever other stationery you might require.


‘Story of Us’ projects take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete from start to finish. During that time, I would need you to be available via email to approve sketches, look at proofs, give feedback, and answer questions. I do try to accommodate my client’s needs regarding scheduling, but this does depend on availability.


The cost for a custom ‘Story of Us’ piece is currently $1000 USD/$1350 AUD. A 50% deposit is required to secure your space on my schedule, and the final payment is not due until your artwork is complete and the final files and/or prints are ready for delivery.

illustrations (thank you page)-05

Lemons 800x 800


Illustrations are all original and hand painted. Depending on the scope of your project, proofs of sketches may be provided, and digital proofs will be delivered via email once the artwork has been completed. It's very helpful if clients can share photos for inspiration, colour palette, and style. Once your final artwork has been approved, it is prepared for print and/or web and delivered digitally.


Some illustration projects take several weeks to complete, but this is average and your project may vary depending on the scope.


Final files are delivered in high resolution. If vector artwork is required, then you will receive both an EPS and a PDF file suitable for resizing.


Spot Illustration: from $550

Logos: price upon request

A nonrefundable 50% deposit is required upon booking. No other fees are due until your project is complete, just prior to the delivery of the final artwork.