Stationery Price Guide

Thank you so much for your interest in custom stationery design. The form at the bottom of this page will allow you to select the pieces of stationery you require and receive your custom quote via email. Please note that this is an estimate only, based on general preferences rather than the specifics of your project. If you require something that you do not find in this form, please send us a message for a more customised quote.


All invitations, RSVPs and thank you cards are quoted INCLUDING a corresponding envelope. Envelopes come in a multitude of colours and have euro, or deep pointed flaps. They are beautifully thick and not at all transparent. They take both calligraphy ink and printing beautifully.



AllĀ  stationery is printed in either Australia, or the United States. The paper options are among some of the finest available, and there are several options depending on your location. Pricing below is based on a gorgeous mid-priced paper called Superfine Eggshell, which comes in three shades of white/cream.



Envelope calligraphy pricing below is for domestic destination addresses only. This form will give you a general cost, but final pricing may be slightly higher if you have several international invitees, or lower if you would like names only on some of your envelopes for hand-delivery.


The quote you receive below is for printing at a folded A7 size, so your map would be printed at twice the size of your invitation, then scored to fold. Map designs are gorgeous, intricate and super custom; printing them at a larger size shows off all the details and makes them more of a keepsake. If you would rather print your map yourself, you can choose the 'Watercolour Map Design Only' option, which does not include printing costs.


If you would like a watercolour crest designed for your invitation, note that the design is not included in the cost of the invitation itself. There is an extra design fee to include one in your invitation suite. Be sure you select one of the 'Watercolour Crest' options!


Shipping will not be included in your estimate, but will be calculated at the closure of your project.